Best Canoe Reviews 2018- Top Rated Canoes For Recreational,Fishing & More!

Are you a fishing enthusiast who would love to spend the entire day fishing at the nearest river or lake that promises a good catch? Or are you a nature lover who would love to spend some quite time alone or with your dearest one on a long winding river on a lazy Sunday? Or are you interested in water sports and want to try your hand at something new? Well then, canoeing is something that can fulfill your desires. Whether it be for fishing, racing or simply recreational purposes, canoeing can add a lot of fun to your daily boring life. But to enjoy canoeing to its fullest, you need the best canoes that would suit your purpose. And this guide would help you get exactly what you are looking for with the best canoe reviews!


Think First The Below Questions When Buying A Canoe:

  • First, What Are Your Paddling Plans?
  • Type of paddling comfortable to you?
  • Do you prefer day trips or longer trips?
  • How many persons you want with you in canoe?
  • How many accessories do you want to bring with you?

What is a Canoe?

Canoes are lightweight and narrow boats with tapered ends. It is propelled with the help of single bladed paddles, by one or more paddlers who may sit or kneel at the sides of the narrow boat. Over the time, canoes have been used for a number of purposes including transportation and even sports. Therefore, the design and structure of a canoe can vary significantly depending on the purpose of use and manufacturing brand to some extent. Today we have cover all the different types of canoes available in the market.

Best Recreational Canoe Reviews

There are a number of canoe brands manufacturing all different types of canoes. Recreational canoes are those that are strictly meant to be used over lakes and slow-moving rivers. Such canoes have a shorter and wider body as compared to the ones for expedition. They offer a greater stability and easier to paddle for the beginners. They can be excellent for day trips as well as weekend excursions.  To make sure you are getting hold of the canoe for the money you are investing, make sure that the structure and the materials used are the best quality so that you may also use the canoe for camping. They should be made of lightweight and durable materials and should be able to move through the water effortlessly. User reviews suggest that the following recreational canoes in this category:

#1 Old Town Canoes And Kayaks

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 146 RecreatioThermos formed polyethylene has been used for its construction which makes it durable for a longer period of time. There are two seats with two paddles and is perfect canoe for a family vacation. The total length of the canoe is 14 1/2′ and the weight is around 79 lbs. The canoe can endure weight up to 700 to 750 pounds which is good for two persons. The canoe also has a compartment for goods to keep while paddling the canoe.


  • The canoe is perfect for a family. Have good capacity.


  • Heavy for its size and capacity.

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#2 Old Town Canoes And Kayaks 147 Recreational Canoes

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Guide 147 RecreationaThis canoe is a made while keeping in mind about its durability hence three layers of polyethylene are used to make it more durable. The material of the canoe helps it to be more stable in water and gives you peace while paddling. The canoe has two comfortable seats with backrests which can be adjusted. Length of the canoe is 14 7′ and The canoe can endure weight up to 875 lbs.


  • The material is very durable and remains stable one water.


  • Less capacity compared to its weight.

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#3 Old Town Canoes And Kayaks Loon 111 Recreational Kayak

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Loon 111 RecreationalThis kayak weighs as less as 45 pounds which makes it one of the lightest kayak range. The seats in the kayak are adjustable and come with adjustable footsteps. The dimensions of the kayak are 133×28×14 inches. The cockpit of the kayak is very comfortable and can adjust according to your need. The durable material gives your kayak an additional strength.


  • The seats and almost all the features are adjustable.


  • The feature of the kayak do not go with its retail price.

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Top Fishing Canoe Product

Usually, a small 2 person canoe is the right one for fishing trips. The two of the most important things to look in a fishing canoe are smooth tracking and superior stability. Apart from that, a fishing canoe should have a low center of gravity so that the fishing gears placed over the canoe do not displace its center of gravity. Furthermore, canoes for fishing should have enough room to hold fit in at least two people along with the items required for fishing. The top three canoes for fishing are:

#4 Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 Person Fishing Kayak.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing KayaThis kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks for two persons. With extra durable layers and tough material, the kayak has a very limited risk of cracking in an accident. The kayak comes with 18 gauges PVC tough bottom. The seats can be adjusted while paddling to ensure your comfort and safety. The kayak is very easy to drive and have a compartment to keep your belongings while paddling.


  • Stable and durable in comparison to many other kayaks.


  • Peaks from the front when driven at high speed.

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#5 Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe.

Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex CanoeThis canoe will suit best for the playful people who love fishing in the water. The canoe comes with two seats and adjustable features. The canopy helps you to get a dry drive even in high waves in the water. The canoe remains stable in high water and gives a rough use allowance to the user. The canoe perfect for catching fishes in not so deep waters. The canoe weighs 69 pounds.


  • Do not let water Into itself in very high waves too.


  • The canoe is not very stable on the water.

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#6 Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS 15.6 Foot Canoe.

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS 15.6-Foot CanoeThe canoe is long and can carry three people in itself. The canoe is made in a way that it can even run on the motor. The motor does not come in the package though. The canoe comes with fishing rod holders which makes it easier for the fisherman to rest his rod in the canoe. The canoe comes with built-in cooler and storage compartment.


  • The canoe comes With two years warranty which is rare in these products.


  • The canoe do not come with complete gear that it can use.

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Ideal Whitewater Canoes Reviews

Whitewater canoeing is a very thrilling sport. The canoes used for the sport can vary considerably depending on the experience level of the paddler. Regardless of whether you have gained good experience with canoeing or if you are just an amateur, it is always better to have a better knowledge about the various canoes on the market so that you can get hold of the right features available for whitewater canoes. Speed, tracking and stability, canoe seat and canoe paddle are some of the things you should keep in mind, while looking for the most stable canoes. The following canoes are the best buy for anyone interested in whitewater canoeing:

#7 Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe.

Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe (1)The esquif pocket canoe is best for a playful canyon trip into Whitewater. The canoe is a multiple use canoe which can be used for trips and even for fishing or just a playful sightseeing in the lakes. The canoe will not let the water come in as long as the waves are unbearable. The canoe looks very sporting with its edged corners. The material of the canoe is very durable and strong.


  • The edged corners give you extra balance in high waves.


  • The shape of the canoe is not for high speed.

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#8 Esquif Vertige T-Formex Canoe.

Esquif Vertige T-Formex CanoeEsquif is an easily controllable canoe with good responsive features. The canoe has good carrying capacity which makes it suitable for full day trips where you can carry enough food and essential for the whole day. The shape of the canoe compliments its stability in high waves and wild water which is a necessity while you’re in wild waters where the waves are high. Weighs only 48 pounds.


  • The shape gives extra stability to the canoe.


  • The design of the canoe have been built for only high carrying capacity but not comfort.

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Supreme Racing Canoes

While buying a canoe or kayak for racing, the most important consideration should be its weight. Canoe manufacturers usually opt for lightweight and durable materials such as Kevlar and Graphite for building a lightweight canoe that is most suitable for racing. They also have a slightly different design as compared to regular canoes. For better speed and performance, they are built to be narrow and longer, so that it becomes easier to cut through the water and propel forward with greater speed. One should be specific while looking for the best racing canoe. Adding in a few canoe accessories may also be quite helpful. It is more risk-free to opt for the canoe brands that already have a strong presence in the market. However, make sure that you go through the best canoe reviews for each one of them before settling down for the purchase. These following canoes can be the pride of any race enthusiast:

  • Wenonah J-203 Racing Canoe
  • Savage River JD Pro 2 Racing Canoe
  • Clipper Freedom Racing Canoe

Perfect River & Lake Canoe Product Reviews

Canoes for rivers and lakes have a slightly longer body than the whitewater canoes. Since canoeing rivers are usually swift and full of rapids, you get a lot of sprays from the river water while paddling. Therefore, you should be looking at those with flared sides so as to deflect maximum water and stay dry as much as possible. There are also a number of popular canoe brands specializing in inflatable canoes. These tend to be the ideal canoe for beginners mainly owing to their lightweight and easier navigation. The design of these canoes allows for a more agile and quicker tracking while actually moving down the fast waters. the following river & lake canoe are:

#9 Wenonah Argosy Tuf-Weave Solo Canoe Ivory.

Wenonah Argosy Tuf-Weave Solo Canoe - IvoryThis canoe for single persons to explore in lakes and rivers. The canoe is strong enough to endure the high currents of water in the rivers and lakes. The canoe is made for experienced paddlers who are good in paddling canoes. The canoe leans towards the side you want to turn very quickly and easily. The canoe only weighs 46 pounds. The lightweight helps the canoe to turn easily.


  • The canoe is light in weight hence it is easy to take turns.


  • The canoe comes with an only single seat at such a high price.

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#10 Wenonah Wee Lassle Ultra light Canoe - Natural Finish.

Wenonah Wee Lassie Ultra-Light Canoe - NaturalWenonah wee is an ultra light canoe which makes it easy to carry from place to place. The canoe perfectly suits small lakes and rivers. The canoe comes with a natural finish which makes it look even more attractive in lakes. The canoe is best for exploring small lakes at slow speed and constant movement. The canoe only weighs 25 pounds which makes it easy to paddle and turn.


  • The canoe is best for high-speed paddling due to its lights weight.


  • The canoe do not perform well in large water bodies with high-speed water current.

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How To Choose A Canoe?

To make sure that you have a smooth canoeing experience, you should consider everything from the design to the exact conditions under which you are going to be canoeing. Before moving on to how to choose a canoe, you should get very clear about your paddling plans. Simply opting for the top canoe brands does not mean that you are going to have a refined experience. It can be helpful to consider as many brands of canoes as possible before you can finally settle for the one that best suits your need.

Various Kinds Of Canoes That You Can Find In The Market

The canoe types are based on their purpose of use which also determines the material used in the construct as well as the design of the structure. There are solo canoes as well as canoes for families. However, the most people is a small two person canoe which also tends to be the most stable canoe due to the small and sleek design. The five different types of canoes have been discussed below.



General Recreation

Camping And Touring

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Different Ways To Use Of Canoe

Canoes are used for various purposes. Some of the most common uses are mentioned below.





What Kind Of Hull Design Should You Choose?

The hull design, basically, centers on the length, depth and the beam of the canoe.





Different Types Of Hull Profile

It is the hull profile that determines the actual responsiveness of a canoe over the water. All the canoes fall into either one of the following five categories.

Flat Bottom

Round Bottom

Shallow Arch

Shallow Vee


3 Different Unique Canoe Design

Canoe profile is also determined by the shape of its sides. There are mainly three types of profiles – the flare, the tumblehome and the straight side, each one of which has been discussed below.



Straight Side

What Materials Are Used To Make A Canoe



Polyethylene And Royalex



The Extras

Advantages Of Canoeing

Canoeing is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise that targets various muscles across of the body. It gives a full body workout, mainly targeting the muscles at the back, arms, abdomen, hips, and legs. Some of the benefits of canoeing have been highlighted below.

Calorie Burn

Impact-Free Activity

Excellent Strength Training

Better Joint Flexibility

Closer To Nature

Time Saving

Frequently Asked Questions About Canoe

Ques 1. How Will You Be Using Your Canoe?
Ques 2. How Many People Can Ride In A Canoe?
Ques 3. What Are The Main Water Conditions You Canoe On?
Ques 4. What Are Features That I Cannot Live Without?
Ques 5. What Age Must Children Be To Ride In A Canoe?
Ques 6. How Far Can I Canoe In 1 Hour?
Ques 7. How Do I Carry Loads In My Boat?
Ques 8. How Do I Find The Serial Number On My Canoe?
Ques 9. Is There A Weight Or Size Limit For A Canoe?


Canoeing can be a very exciting and enriching experience if you know how to choose the right canoe. Since the design can vary considerably depending on the purpose of use, even slight differences can greatly affect the rowing experience. When you have chosen the right canoe, canoeing can be quite fun. It is a great way of relaxing the mind and exercising the body. Also you can read out our new article What Type of Kayak Anchor on the market? Thanks for the reading our