Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner Review


Bigger in size, Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic pool cleaner performs well in any type of swimming pool. The design of this pool cleaner is unique and it can eliminate the maximum amount of debris from the pools. Because of its thin filter bags, this product can collect even the minute particles from the water. It has powerful scrub brushes that can clean the linings completely. It also comes with a long cable that can be dropped up to the depth of 50 ft. in the pool. It can clean the whole pool in just 4 hours. It has an amazing grip too.

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner Under $450


Aquabot Junior Robotic pool cleaner comes with an internal pump and drives which will smoothly go in the pools and start the cleaning process. It has ultra-fine filtration technology which makes the pools completely clean and also removes impurities from the water. It also works well in vinyl pools and salt pools.

  • It does not require manual handling.
  • It can remove even the smallest particles from the water.
  • It performs faster and better than other pool cleaners.
  • It is a little heavy in weight.
  • It sticks to the walls and floors of the pools often.
  • You need to replace some parts regularly which increase the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Does this pool cleaner work well in an above-ground swimming pool?

Ans: Yes, this pool cleaner from Aquabot works in above ground pools. However, you should be careful about placing its cable on the other side in the case of above ground pools.

Q2: Is automatic timer included in this pool cleaner?

Ans: No, there is no button of automatic shut off the timer in this pool cleaner. You just have to connect the plug to the socket and switch on the cleaner.

Q3: Is there a power supply included in the box of this pool cleaner?

Ans: Yes, there is a power cord.

What do the users say?

Many people ordered Aquabot Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner and liked it. They stated that the pool cleaner can clean the deep surfaces of the swimming pools in just 4 hours. Many of them got the clean linings of the pool free from the dirt after using this product. Some customers liked the handling of the cleaner. They also stated that the thin filters can take out debris and dirt from the pools. They got the chemical-free swimming pools with this cleaner. Many people found this product to be time-saving and cost-effective.

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We discussed all the good and bad points of Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner above. It has superior quality filter bags which can remove all the debris and dirt particles from the water in a few hours. The long cable can easily reach up to the floor of the pools to clean the tiles effectively. With hoses or booster pumps or vacuum poles, this pool cleaner has simple operations. The cable does not tangle in the middle of the cleaning process. It is overall a good pool cleaner in which you can invest money.