5 Best Pond Skimmer in 2021 – Reduce Debris in Your Pond

Want to keep your pond always filtered? Well, we all know that a pond adds extra value to your home. So having a pond these days is not a big deal! But cleaning it from time to time- it is a big deal. However, a pond skimmer can take away all your headaches. It always takes care of removing debris or maintaining the hygiene of your pond. But choosing the best pond skimmer is nothing but a hurdle.

That’s why we are here to ease your difficulties. We are going to talk about the top 5 pond skimmer filters. Scroll down to know more. Once you find the perfect one, purchase it.

Top-rated Pond Skimmers – Comparison Chart

TetraPond In-Pond SkimmerTetraPond in-Pond Skimmer
OASE 706759500401 SwimskimOASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer
Laguna Skimmer FilterEasyPro Pond Skimmer
OASE 57395 Aquaskim 40OASE 57395 Aquaskim 40" Pond Skimmer, Black
Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond SkimmerAquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer, Black

5 Best Pond Skimmers Reviews In 2021

1. TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer

You can easily use this type of versatile pond skimmer to filter your 1000-gallon ponds. If you already have a filter, then it will conjugate with the cleaner and purify your pond’s water completely. Additionally, you will get ultra protection from clogging your pump. The floating weir door easily goes with your pond full of fishes. You can easily open it and clean it because of the simple design.

TetraPond in-Pond Skimmer

Key feature

  • You can use it in the ponds with 550, 1000, or 1900 GPH pumps.
  • You will get 1 ¼-inch tube and the installation guide along with the pond skimmer in the box.
  • Moreover, the 2-year limited warranty will keep your skimmer like new!
  • Awesome quality and works efficiently
  • Simple installation
  • Best for the medium to large ponds
  • Fish-friendly type
  • Maintenance cost is quite low
  • The weight is very light

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2. OASE Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

If you are looking for a budget-friendly pond skimmer than OASE Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer will be the best choice for you. It perfectly fits a pond with 270 square feet area. Furthermore, you can completely assimilate to your pond. The water level is not a barrier to this type of skimmers. It automatically adjusts. Therefore you can use this as a garden pond skimmer as well.

OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

Key feature

It is an integrated aerator. So there is no possibility of oxygen deficiency. Your pond’s environment always stays fresh. The unique flap collects all the debris and restores it until you clean it manually.

  • The product is really Cost effective
  • An outstanding oxygen supplier
  • Super easy to install and use
  • Need to clean frequently

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3. EasyPro Pond Products PSMEX Pond Skimmer

EasyPro Pond Products For External Pumps is a popular name in the clan of pond products manufacturers. They produce reliable, efficient, and most importantly, durable skimmer filters. The EasyPro Pond Product Pond Skimmer Filter can work relentlessly and generate water circulation for a large variety of pond. You can use this skimmer with a wide range of filtration systems.


Key Feature

The best part of this fantastic skimmer filter is, you can use it as a fish pond skimmer. With an extensive media chamber, it allows the users to configure the skimmer manually. While the weir door design helps to regulate the water intake to the pump chamber, the in-built net resist the wayward fishes from getting stuck.

  • Build with high-quality materials ensures durability
  • Utterly useful for large size ponds with water intake up to 75 Gallons Per Minute.
  • Simple design makes the product easy to install
  • Well equipped, can be used with fish ponds as well
  • The filter installation is a bit tricky process; you will have to pre-cut the liner first

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4. OASE Aquaskim Pond Skimmer

If you are in search of a pond surface skimmers then, the OASE Aquaskim is the best option you must look for. The skimmer is compatible with a dual Intel pump not only that but also you can use the device with any filter or pump that processes 1,600 to 3500 GPH.

OASE 57395 Aquaskim 40

Key Features

Guarded with all the latest technology and a list of innovative features this pond skimmer can help you to clean your pond from large and small floating debris effectively. Having this fantastic skimmer in your hand, you can easily keep your pond clean from algae and get rid of cloudy or green water. With an enlarged mesh strainer and an easily optimizable floating top, it is the best you can use as a floating skimmer for ponds.

  • Easily adjustable with any kind of pond
  • Made with the best quality materials for long-term usage
  • Installation is super easy and easy to maintain as well
  • With the latest technology and innovative design can replace traditional box skimmer
  • You need to get an additional filter pad for the perfect installation

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5. Aquascape Pond Skimmer

If you have a small size pond of up to 200sqft at the backyard or the garden and looking for Pond skimmer for that, then Aquascape Signature series has the best product in offer. The superb pond skimmer is specially designed for the small-sized pond. Having a durable lid, it keeps all the filter components protected from damage.

Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer, Black

Key Features

The Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer can act as the KOI Pond Skimmer. The skimmer has a round shape design accompanied by removable leaf and debris net. Backed with a limited lifetime warranty, it can offer you a much-improved performance while cleaning your pond.

  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Has a sturdy lid to ensure the maximum usage guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Removes unwanted debris from pond surface while reducing the maintenance cost
  • Tough to attach with the pond liner

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What is a Pond Skimmer?

Have you ever been in a swimming pool? If yes, then you’ve probably noticed the surface skimmer. Toxicated water directly flows into this skimmer with the help of filter devices. A surface skimmer discards debris from the upper surface of the pool water. All the bugs, foam, any floating object, or oil get separated from the water with these surface skimmer.

Maybe your pond doesn’t contain slick of sunscreen, or hair care lotion, unlike swimming pools. But it includes leaves, surface foam, or natural waste from algae. A floating pond skimmer removes all the impurities from your pond’s water. Thus it’s a must-have tool to keep your pond fresh. Scroll down to know in detail why you need these skimmers?

Why Your Water Feature Needs a Pond Skimmer

Your pond skimmer works in collaboration with your mechanical or biological filter to provide you with entirely filtered water. Your pond always stays in contact with the outside environment. So it’s quite common for debris or organic wastes to get clogged in the water. Not only the outdoor environment but also the inside state of water also plays a significant role in polluting water.

Biological wastes from flower, fish or another plant can fill your pond’s water with dirt. As pond is the closed system, this debris can’t flow, unlike river or stream.

Anyway, several people are there who confuses a skimmer with a filter. But these two are entirely different. Here is the ultimate comparison. Have a look.

Differences Between Pond Skimmers and Filters


  • Filters are submersible and can reach the bottom of the pond
  • Filters use a mechanical or biological process to clean water
  • It keeps the surrounding environment fresh
  • Foam made bio-balls draw dirty water in and feed freshwater in the pond
  • It balances the nutrient and bacteria properly


  • Skimmers float on the surface of the pond
  • Skimmers work as the pivotal debris-collecting tools
  • A filter and a skimmer are the keys to a perfect vibrant pond
  • Pond filter and pond pump both techniques work in a pond skimmer

Now that you are aware of the efficiency of a pond skimmer, it’s time to know how to choose the best one.

How To Choose The Best Pond Skimmer for Your Needs

Several pond skimmers are available in the market. To choose the best one, you need to keep these following key things in mind.  

1. The Size of the Skimmer

Don’t buy a wrong sized skimmer ever. Always keep your pond’s size in mind while purchasing the one. If you have a small pond then go for the skimmers like- “TetraPond skimmer.” For large-sized ponds, try buying “OASE 57395 Aquaskim 40″ Pond Skimmer.”

2. Ease of Cleaning

We advise you not to rush for the complex model. Always try to purchase a simple design because that will be easy to open and clean. Your skimmer will float on the surface of your pond. So it will gather lots of debris and dirt. You need to clean it from time to time to keep the filtering process going. you can also use for pond vacuum to clean your pond as well. 

3. Durability

As you already know that your floating pond skimmers will be on the upper surface. Hence, it will have to face extreme weather conditions. So always choose a skimmer that will be durable enough to withstand all types of environment.

4. Skimmers for Fishy Friends

Fishes are always curious creatures. So if you have got a pond full of fishes, then you must go for a fish-friendly skimmer. Else, fishes will get trapped inside the skimmer, and it will pollute your pond more than cleaning it.

Here go the essential features of a pond skimmer. Now you must know the types of skimmers. It will surely help you in choosing the best.

Types of Pond Skimmers on the market

Have a look at the different types of pond skimmers here.

1. Pond Skimmer Box

A certain type of box is added with the mouth of a skimmer to collect leaves and other debris easily. If you have a pond full of fish, then it will be the best choice for you. Also, if you are the owner of a large pond then the skimmer box is going to help you a lot.

2. Floating Pond Skimmers

Your small pond doesn’t ask for the extra plumbing. So floating pond skimmers perfectly suit your pond. All the specks of dirt from the surface will be collected. Additionally, it will send semi-purified water to your submerged water filter.

3. Submerged Surface Skimmer

This is the final type of skimmer that attaches itself to the substrate in a submerged condition. While buying these skimmers, you must keep in mind that, you have to connect it with the pump for drawing water and cleaning it.

However, let’s check out the list of top 5 pond skimmers now. Go through the features carefully. Select the one which perfectly fits your requirements. Moreover, these skimmers won’t even make a hole in your pocket. So you can quickly go for it.

What are The Benefits of Pond Skimmer?

Pond skimmers play an essential role in keeping your pond free from any debris. As we all understand, while having a fish pond, it is obvious to have an oily surface because of the fish foods. Not only that but also the plants and algae present in the pond releases natural oil that floats on the surface of the pond.

The regular pond filters do not always help to remove all the debris and foreign materials from the pond surface. A pond skimmer efficiently skims off the water surface and eventually aids the submerged or external pond filters. The skimmers easily capture the floating solids and stop those from entering the pond pump and the biological filter. Basically, the pond skimmers protect your pump from getting clogged by debris.

Here are the things that an efficient pond skimmer can do for you:

  • You can easily hide a submersible pump into the skimmer along with that a pond skimmer also allows you to hook up it with an external pump
  • Skimmers can pluck in floating debris which will let you dispose of the water waste easily
  • There are specific models of Pond Skimmers which offers mechanical or biological UV filtration
  • Gives the users additional plumbing options like a bottom drain
  • Ensures the safety of the fish by stopping those from getting sucked inside the pump

So guys now you know all the benefits of a pond skimmer, let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions about these best pond skimmers we have listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to use a pond skimmer in an above the ground pond?

Yes! There should not be any issue with using a pond skimmer in an above the ground pond. If the water from the pond is flowing into the box correctly, there must not be an issue. You just have to install the box above the ground at the designated water line. Not only that but also you have to make sure that the water from the pump gets back into the pool again.

  • How can I connect the pump to the skimmer?

You need to attach an adapter to one side of the skimmer; you can choose which side and cap off the other side. Then the tubing will connect to the pump. An additional adapter will connect to the outlet of the pump where you will have to attach additional tubing going back into the pond. Some users choose just to leave the outlet open without attaching the tubing if the pump is sitting down in the pond and doesn’t need to operate anything else such as an external filter, UV or spitter.

Wrap up

Anyway, Folks! Now it’s time bid adieu. We have shared all the details about various pond skimmers. Depending on your needs you can choose the best one. If you need a skimmer for a large size pond, then Laguna has the best for you whereas, Aquascape has better offerings for small-sized pond owners. Read each point in the article carefully, and get the best one for your pond.