10 Best Safety Pool Fence Reviews 2021 Buying Guide Updated

A swimming pool fence or a conventional pool fence is basically a barricade that surrounds your swimming pool. If you have children playing in and around you, they should not be in harm’s way, which is why there are kids pool fence and other different categories offenses involved.

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Basically, the safety fence for the pool now has come equipped with automatic mechanisms that close in. The laws have been severe when it comes to these products since they should be compliant with the laws of the specific countries. These best safety pool fences for inground pools are designed to make the inmates in there feel safe and secure.

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10 Top-rated Pool Fences – 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Pool Fence DIY by Lifesaver Fencing Section Kit

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section KitThis is the DIY pool fencing section kit that comes with a tension-based support mechanism. Every pole present in this contraption would have half an inch of steel peg into the ground.

This is United States Compliant with a total height of feet and 5 poles integrated with each other. It also contains a 12-foot fencing section, a 5-pole section that has already been attached, automatic safety latches, and even a gate that comes separately with it.

  • Integrated aluminum posts, safety latches, and acceptable fence height are advantageous for this.
  • It is also compliant with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • This can basically be termed as the easy pool fence.
  • Some items like the gate mechanism need to be taken separately.

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2. GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Add-On Kit B (3Sect)

GLI Above Ground Pool FenceThis is GLI’s great new mechanism, and it’s a fence that is very nicely installed around the pool. This would prevent any and all unsupervised things to get into the pool. The total product is about 24 inches tall, and it is already assembled, so it will cut your work short.

It also has a 24 inches long section that comes with the detailed instruction manual on how to assemble a pool fence properly. The fence material is way advanced than the usual primitive nets that used to come with it. It is, therefore, a great pool fence to choose for sure.

  • It increases the safety of the pool by an optimum amount.
  • It is completely devoid of Ultra-violet rays and requires little to no maintenance at all.
  • It is an in-ground pool safety fence and a very good alternative for the same.
  • There have been supposed weight issues in between the gate and the plastic which is a notable con here.

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3. Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Pool Fence

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Pool FenceAnother one of the products by Pool Fence DIY and it has gained a lot of positive reviews owing to it. This pool fence has a 2-feet opening through which you can walk, and it is also compliant as per the standards prescribed. It comes with an ultra-secure magnetic latch and self-closing mechanisms that are great. These fences around pools would be a preferable option.

It has an aluminum-coated stock, double truss uprights for support and industrially made mesh for protection against any outside or inside interferences. It is basically a Textilene PVC coated nylon mesh having a total strength of about 270 pounds psi.

  • It contains a patented spring load adjuster and a Tru-Close gate hinges that close up on its own with no problems.
  • There are a lot of extra things that need to be taken along with this like a self-closing gate kit, and drill mechanisms, etc.

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4. Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self Closing Gate Kit

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate KitThis is a Pool Fence Self Closing Gate Kit that would prevent your kids and any unwanted entities to enter into the pool. The pooling mechanism contains a self-closing magnetic gate latch that would prevent any accidental openings of the gate throughout the time when it is installed. It is the water warden pool safety fence.

It contains the customized Tru-Close Hinges that are created with a glass fiber enforced polymers that are devoid of any kind of rust issues. It also contains a Magna gate latch which is surprisingly great and effective, thus making it a viable option.

  • It contains an adjustable swing mechanism for opening it left or right-handed individuals.
  • It contains hardware components for installing it properly.
  • A great option for being child safety pool mesh.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty only that might pose a problem.

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5. WaterWarden WWF200

WaterWarden WWF200 4 Foot Pool FenceThe product by WaterWarden comes with multiple variants, it packs a whole set of features at best. The safety fence is about 4 feet by 12 feet at length and it comes with color varieties of black and beige.

It has heavily reinforced posts that are created with a set of half-inch stainless steel pins. The safety fences are created with polymer sleeves which will enable protecting your deck and a seamless installation procedure. It is a great water warden above ground pool fence.

The product is also certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials F2286. It contains the guide for a Do it Yourself Mechanism in case you want to try. It is a great option for a child safety fence for pools.

  • Simple drilling mechanism for putting up the safety fences in just about a minute. Removing it is also easy.
  • Strength could be a problem at times so it needs to be set up properly.

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6. Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence by EZ Guard

Sentry Safety DIY Pool FenceThis is a Do-it-Yourself kit designed for safety and to also keep children and other elements safe at the pool. It contains a total of 4*12-foot-wide fencing section, also contains 5 poles that have already been attached with ease. It decks sleeves and deck caps, It comes with an installation manual for swiftly carrying out the process.

It contains 0.5 inches of rotary hammer drill containing a standard 5/8 inch of masonry bit. It EZ guard fencing that can be placed and removed as per the user’s convenience. This is among the best sentry safety pool fence from the lot.

  • The entire pool construction has required multiple sets of quality materials so there has been no compromise.
  • Customizable, pre-assembled and easy mechanism.
  • It is basically a safety fence pool armed with great precautions.
  • There might be a few problems while installing it properly.

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7. Giantex In-Ground Swimming Pool

Giantex 4'X12' In-Ground Swimming Pool FenceThe product by Giantex is a very streamlined one and can be used by one and all. The fence is made up of a strong aluminum tube that is light-weight as well. It is very durable and strong and it can be rolled and stored up in a place.

It is an In-Ground Pool safety fence after all that would basically prevent anybody from drowning in there accidentally. A single individual would be able to fit the fence and remove it as easily as possible. It is resistant to climbing so it’s a great choice to have.

  • It contains an aluminum foot tube consisting of a 1000D Textilene Fabric material.
  • Pool Safety fences that can be set as per the convenience of the user.
  • Among the top water warden in-ground pool safety fence.
  • Strength of the poles has been a questionable factor among many of the customers.

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8. GLI Vinyl Works White Economy Resin Above Ground Pool

This is a product created by GLI Vinyl Works and it has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The product has been created with durable resin along with the stainless-steel hardware materials so that it goes securely while setting it up.

The product creates more safety and also shows a bit more style to any of the wall pools above ground. It has fence pickets that are non-adjustable and it can be mounted nicely as well. The fence sections are 24 inches in length and it can fit anywhere. It can be used comfortably as a pool child safety fence.

  • The product weighs around 21 pounds and it has got a base fence kit for installation.
  • Fence sections are suitable for all pool sizes.
  • You might find it a bit difficult to install the fencing system at one go by yourself.

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9. Classic Guard Swimming Pool Fence Child Safety Pool

Classic Guard Swimming Pool FenceThis swimming pool fence is made up of a durable, ultra-violet ray resistant material. It has been encapsulated completely on all the sides by a thin lining to avoid any kind of fraying. It is created completely out of aluminum poles coated in with black powder that prevents unnatural rusting problems.

It contains poles that are about an inch in diameter and also has one and quarter-inch holes that need to be drilled in for installing it properly. The backing in the poles can be removed so that the lengths can be modified for appropriate fence sizes.

  • Attractive, long-lasting, durable and made up of excellent quality.
  • It is even weather-resistant, and it can be set up easily.
  • It is an easily removable pool fence.
  • Bottom poles might not be sturdier than expected as has been told by customers.

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10. Sentry Safety Pool Fence

Sentry Safety Pool FenceIt contains 5*10 inches of preassembled pool fencing sections consisting of rustproof poles. This is very important considering that this will be around children.

The poles are made out of stainless steel, It has a PVC insert and finished aluminum which is coated using powder. The contains the deck sleeves, deck caps and also an installation template which is best for measuring the poles.

Installing the pool would require a 0.5-inch rotary hammer drill and a standard masonry shaft for completing it.

  • Top of the line VisiGuard Pool Fencing.
  • Safe and reliable against a harsh environment.
  • Comes pre-assembled and is very easy to install.
  • The very low number of cons for this product.

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What Are The Types of Pool Fencing?

There are basically five types of pool fencing and they are described below,

  1. Ornamental Aluminium – Ornamental aluminum pool fencing is constructed out of anodizing the aluminum completely. It is one of the pool fences of the highest quality, and it is essentially perfect for pool fencing. It is essentially lightweight, durable and it can withstand extreme conditions easily.
  2. Mesh – Mesh pool fences are particularly vital and among the most common types of fences that are available. They come in multiple variants like webbed mesh, wire mesh, chain link mesh, anti-climb mesh, steel mesh and so on and so forth.
  3. PVC – It is also called synthetic pool fences and it is basically made out of synthetic or PVC plastics. These plastics basically include vinyl, polypropylene, and other different recycled plastic materials. It basically increases the stability of the fence and it will protect it against harmful UV rays.
  4. Glass – Glass pool fences are basically a very elegant and artistic alternative to fencing if you have some extra dough to spare. These are very normal around the pool-side areas, and other outdoor spaces. The main factor in this pool fence type is that it should be strong and sturdy.
  5. Wood – Wood pool fences are again an artistically elegant solution for dry spaces mostly. These types of fences are coated up with natural oils which will prevent any kind of termites to grow in them. It is a budget option since maintenance is extremely important in this case.

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What Is The Various Pool Fence Styles On The Market Today?
  • Flat Top Fences – As the name suggests, these are the pool fences that have asynchronously flat top having zero to no serrations or any kind of obstacle in between. These are very widely preferred by many.
  • Loop Top Fences – These pool fences are looped around each other which makes it a more secure and preferable option while setting it up across pools. It can be considered as one of the options for the best pool fence for safety and it can be set up comfortably with no problems.
  • Double Top Fences – These types of pool fences are supposed to be extremely sturdy and durable with twin tops at the top. It can be set up easily for water warden pool fence and above ground pool fence as well. It is a completely viable option to have twin tops in these cases.
  • Wire-Based Fences – These are top of the line, and the most secure ones among the lot. You can choose it as a swimming pool safety fence and for fences around inground pools just in case.

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What Are The Key Points To Look Into Pool Fences?
  1. Hand and Footholds – Hand and Footholds are very important when it comes to the best pool fences of any variety. It would help increase the security when children would try to climb aboard them accidentally.
  2. Height – Optimum height is again an important factor when it comes to consumer reports. It should be strictly adhered to as per the standards mentioned and it would help to secure those around you as well.
  3. Ground clearance – A standard amount of ground clearance while setting up your pool is vital among the key points. The fence materials should never touch the ground.
  4. Long-Lasting Material – The material through which it is created needs to last long. Material types on fences like the wired ones, wattle fences, and other types normally use PVC and meshed materials.
  5. Maintenance – This is another key factor that can make yours the safest pool fence if done correctly. Proper and regular maintenance is important if it is to be categorized under top pool fences.
  6. Safety – The pool fence system needs to be safe and secure as per the prescribed standards. No compromise on this can be done on this part. Variants like the inground pool safety fence and other free-standing pool fences are one of the safest ones.
  7. Cost – Whether it is one of the removable pool fences or mesh pool fence, cost always plays a deciding factor when you are buying something. A set price range needs to be decided, and the set of specifications should be included when you are buying the product.
  8. Weather Resistance – Another thing to choose from when you are out there to buy a children pool fence or a portable pool fence or a lifesaver pool fences, you need to check its resistance against elements. If it is not sturdy enough, it would not last long for you.
  9. Gap Width – When you shop to buy a pool fence, make sure that there is enough gap width in between the fences for proper ventilation. Some of the standard fences for pool area have a gap width of about ¼ inches, which is ideal for every one of them.
  10. Connection – Some of the portable pool fences and inground pool fences have proper and sturdy connections between them. They should be set up methodically and appropriately to prevent any kind of problems in the future.
  11. Removable or Permanent Pool Fence – Some of the fences around the above ground pool and child safety fence for pools are either removable or they can be set up permanently on the ground. It needs to be considered as well when you are buying above ground pool fence with gate and the likes.

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Benefits of Having A Pool Safety Fence

There are the key benefits of having a pool safety fence and they are described below,

  1. Increased Safety for Kids and Pets – Your fence needs to designed carefully and meticulously to keep some of the necessary elements out of the pool. Especially when it comes to children and pets, they should not be able to climb aboard and cause havoc. Your fence needs to be compliant in this case.
  2. Helps in Reducing Mishaps – As mentioned before in the point above, fences can help out in reducing any dangerous mishaps along the way even before they happen in some cases. The number of kids owing to the faults in the fences has been enormous which is why measures need to be taken.
  3. It Does Not Cost Much – These fences would preferably not take up much of your capital which is great news. As per the product design and specifications, the prices may vary, but it would be foolish enough to gamble up to the lives of your dear ones if this will slow you down.
  4. Peace of Mind – Owing to increased security measures on the fences, you seldom need to worry about any major accidents. You can rest assured enjoy your time with them, all thanks to smart locking mechanisms that come bundled up with them.

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FAQ About Best Pool Fences

Some of the general FAQ and answers are as shown below,

Q1: How Much Will My Pool Fence Cost?

Ans: It all depends upon the specifications and the area that you want to cover with the same. The average costing requirement for fences might go up to $1700+ if we have to take all the factors into consideration.

Q2: Is A Removable Pool Fence Mesh Easy To Use?

Ans: Since many of the products contain mechanized latches and functionalities, they are pretty much easy to operate without any major glitches. It would be advisable that you refrain from teaching these to your kids since that would be really harmful to them.

Q3: How Long Does It Take To Put Up The Pool Fences?

Ans: Logically speaking, for a completely covered 15 feet fencing area, you would need hardly 10 minutes. You can customize the fencing area as per your convenience.

Q4: Can you Do It Yourself?

Ans: Of course, it is possible. If you are not sure how to go about it, it is highly recommended that you take the help of the instructional manuals provided over there. Doing anything foolish can really mess up all the work.

Q5: Can The Pool Fence Mesh Be Repaired?

Ans: It is difficult to say since these things can happen if they are being tested against the elements during the usage.


Pool Fence Buying is a very comprehensive process as we have seen in this guide above. There are so many things involved when you are buying one. There is cost, there is safety, there are maintenance and whatnot. There are types involved, and certain mechanisms that are preferable on some points and on some stages, not so much.

This guide with its many reviews gives you a proper outlook on how to segregate and accordingly select the best pool fence for you. Do a background check on all the types, and go through this guide for easy reference. Be safe and stay safe.

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