Top 10 Best Pool Lights Reviews 2021 & Ultimate Guide Updated

Pool Light Bulbs are vital accessories that need to be there mandatorily if you want to enjoy some time off in the evenings. Imagine coming home from work, and you want to stretch your legs out, and you see your favorite poolside lit up with LED pool bulbs. It would make you feel good for sure. This is why it is important to select a Best Pool Light that would work for you, and as per the specifications of the pool. There are many variants that come with this like the above ground pool lighting LED, some of them are battery operated pool lights and the like.

Best Pool Lights5 Best Pool Lights On The Market – Comparison Chart


Let’s take a look at subsequent sections on the various LED light for pools that are available on the market.

10 Top-rated Pool Lights Reviews in 2021

Having variants like wireless pool lights and the like therefore prove to be positively advantageous.

1. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

above ground pool lighting led

You want to light up your pool at night too, everyone wants to. Intex’s LED Pool wall lights use magnetically induced technology that would generate a low-intensity voltage at the sidewall of the pool. Therefore, it functions as the battery-operated underwater pool lights for your convenience.

These lights are designed to provide lighting that is energy-efficient, and its shape results in long-lasting illumination for extended time periods. Intex LED Pool Lights can be placed easily along the pool wall with ease since the attachments are magnetic. Plus, it also consumes little to no electricity at all.


  • The product only weighs about 3.9 pounds, meaning it is very light-weight and can be carried out with maximum ease.
  • Magnetically induced submersible pool lights.
  • No need to worry about batteries as they need to be changed once in a while.


  • Troubleshooting it might be a bit of a problem.

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2. GAME Solar Underwater Light Show

battery operated pool lights

The product by GAME is essentially solar floating pool lights with completely rechargeable batteries present in it. You can literally enjoy the underwater light show using these babies. The solar pool ball lights can turn any pool variant into a magical experience for you and your dear ones. It can operate without any problems for close to 4-6 hours with fully charged up capacity.

GAME’s solar lighting for pools comes with multi-colored lighting patterns for choosing them. You can use an integrated hanging loop with no requirement of batteries or chargers at all. These cool pool lights are just awesome and they would look good on your pools.


  • One of the best floatings LED pool lights provided by this product.
  • Completely sealed ensuring minimum leaks from replacing batteries.
  • New and improved solar designs with easy operation.
  • Integrated hanging loops that can be used with ease.


  • Battery backup might be a bit lower than necessary.

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3. GAME 3547 Solar Underwater Light Show

battery operated underwater pool lights

Another product by Game that is preferable for Underwater light shows would be the GAME 3547. The product consists of 10 differently colored LED bulbs that change continuously with time. The light projection takes place for as deep as 10-15 feet inside the pool. Can be used easily for a floating LED pool light.

It also consists of a halo ring that would light up at times. Plus, it is powered by solar rays which can be used to power the bulb up. It can also be switched on and off as per the convenience of the user, meaning that it will automatically switch on at night, and off at day time.


  • You can enjoy multi-colored light shows at night with multiple light switching functionality.
  • It can be easily used for inground pool lights wireless.
  • The LED underwater pool lights have also received the IPX7 waterproof rating which is very advantageous.


  • The battery backup for these pool lights might be comparatively less.

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4. GAME Underwater Light Show Pool Fountain

underwater pool lights

The Underwater pool floating light by GAME is another value addition in this collection. It is essentially durable and long-lasting as well, plus it can be used to improve your pool’s décor considerably. The LED pool light bulb comes with 8 combination based colors and it also contains fountain modes which can be remotely controlled.

It contains an automatic shut down feature which will be active after over an hour of usage. It can usually last for about 3 hours or so once it is fully charged. The LED lights have a total range of up to 15 feet.


  • It has a rechargeable battery feature which is a preferable option to have.
  • Color changing LED lights which would look attractive and pleasing.
  • Weighs only about 2.2 pounds making it light-weight and extremely easy to carry it around.


  • Since the light has no protective casing, there might be issues regarding leakage.

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5. Topist Submersible LED Light

Topist Submersible LED Light - cool pool lights

This is one of the most unique products created by Topist, and it is worth the money if you have decided to take it. First things first, it is completely powered by three AAA batteries, and it would have the total backup of about 10-12 hours in total.

It can even be turned on and off remotely from an acceptable range. It can also be changed to glow in the multi-colored fashion for the RGB light. It is also wireless which can, therefore, be used for lighting up places apart from your pool. It is perfect for a party setting anywhere and everywhere. These are one of the best inground pool lights among the lot.


  • It only takes up the total wattage of 2.4 watts and requires 3 batteries to power it up.
  • It consists of SMD super bright LED lights that glow with a lot of intensity.
  • It can be controlled with an Infrared remote to glow in multiple settings as per the user’s preference.
  • Can be comfortably used as swimming pool lights underwater.


  • The color settings might be a bit off as compared to other different models.

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6. Intex Floating LED Pool Light

floating led pool light

Another great model designed by Intex and it comes with multiple sets of features which would be described in this section. One of the floating light balls for the pool that is recommended by customers.

It employs two distinctive lighting modes which also change smoothly once the functionality has been set. It also contains the auto switch on and off mode which means that it stays off at day time, and would turn on at night time. The solar-powered panels automatically replenish with respect to the rechargeable operation that it has.

It also contains a static mode and the model stays on standby for upto 2 hours, and it can stay on standby for upto 5 hours in the color-changing mode.


  • The item only weighs about 10.9 ounces and the dimensions make it very compact.
  • It glows like a charm owing to its bright light mode and the transition into different colors also looks beautiful.
  • Since it is solar-powered it is optimal to use and very energy efficient. Works great as the floating light for pool.


  • Since there are no batteries, the standby time is very less for increased usage.

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7. Set of 12 Mood Lights Garden Deco Balls

floating light balls for pool

These are floating pool light balls which essentially are designed to make your pool look pretty. The package comes with a set of 12 balls or basically orbs which are about 3 inches in diameter. About the size of a baseball if a comparison is to be made.

These can be seamlessly operated by battery, and they have a total of seven color settings which creates a smooth transition when this functionality is activated.

The product is completely waterproof and is also compliant with all the standard regulations and norms acceptable.


  • Easy to use and attractive as well. They light up your pool in no time and make it look beautiful.
  • Best useable for pool parties, setting up the ambiance for other cozy gatherings as well.
  • Replaceable batteries.


  • The color transition is a bit slow and dull and that could be a bit of a problem.

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8. LOFTEK LED Light Ball

floating pool lights ball

A beautiful product by LOFTEK and it is a great addition for your pool party, that much can be said. These LED light balls can light up your pool in multiple colors, or it can even be set for indoor parties as well. It has a smooth night light which will essentially create a safer environment around your kids.

Plus, the foremost advantage of this product is that it is waterproof, and protected by dust as well. It has 16 color combinations and as much as 4 different modes of lighting which is very advantageous and would work as a great addition.


  • Vibrant colored lights all set up inside a 16-inch sphere.
  • It has multiple color combinations with transitioning modes that can be controlled remotely.
  • It is also rechargeable and comes bundled up with the AC adaptor.
  • It is also eco-friendly.


  • Could be a bit cumbersome at the time, so it needs to be handled with care.

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9. Blue Wave NA4135 Underwater Light Show Pool Light

led underwater pool lights

The Blue Wave NA4135 is the best-selling product by this company and it is leaving stores fast, so to speak. The very first thing that can be lauded about it would be its adaptability towards underwater elements, meaning it is best made for that. This is one of the floating solar pool balls that looks attractive.

You can convert your pool into a beautiful lighting display which would be great for settings like evening pool parties and other comfortable occasions.

The model comes with 6 ultra-bright LED lights with multiple colors and has over a 10-feet lighting pattern. It is also powered by rechargeable batteries that are completely replenished, providing the backup of about 6-8 hours.


  • The item weighs only about a pound and is very compact.
  • With multicolor combinations, it definitely gives you the disco light effects to the pool.
  • The floating solar pool light’s entire lighting unit is completely sealed which means there would be no leaks at all.


  • The range of the remote might be a bit less than necessary.

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10. Ellipsis LED Illuminated Floating Ball

Ellipsis LED Illuminated Floating Ball

This would be about the biggest LED Floatingpool light ball that you would ever witness for your swimming pool. Needless to say, it is big, bulky and also beautiful to say the least. But it comes in at various sizes, so fear not.

The model is completely powered up by a rechargeable battery functionality, and the charging can usually last about 8-10 hours without a single hitch.

It also comes in with a wireless remote that can be operated at the push of a button. You can place this carefully at the designated spot and light it up as and when you want to, and create a perfect setting. You can even set it up as pool lights floating, and it would look scenic.


  • The product comes in at multiple shapes and sizes and it literally spices up your space.
  • Rechargeable battery gives an 8-10-hour backup, and it would require about 4-5 hours of time for charging up completely.
  • The IR remote can handle this with ease.
  • Can be considered as the best-LED pool light bulb.


  • Very fewer cons for this product since it is value for money.

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Why Buy LED Pool Lights?

Battery pool lights OR Portable Pool Lights, or generalized pool light bulbs are a very preferable option to have when it comes to lighting up your swimming pool. Since there are a lot of advantageous factors to have. Some of them include,

  • It does not heat up instantly as they are cold sources of light.
  • It is completely resistant to shock.
  • It can be installed with relative ease and the difficulty level is low.
  • It creates a pleasing aura all around you resulting in lower glazing effects.
  • Durable and also very economical to have.

Types of Pool Lights

The different types of Pool Lights that are used are as follows,

  1. LED Pool Lights – LEDs have been there for a long time now, and now the technology has been transfused completely to create Pool lights. These are more durable and less expensive than normal. Plus, it saves up a lot of power and it also comes in on a variety of color variants as well. Many of the swimming pool LED light are LED pool lights themselves.
  2. Fiber Optic Pool Lights – Fiber Optic Pool lights are essentially constructed out of the optic cables. It contains an illuminator box that is placed away from the pool. These lights are normally set up underwater, and the fiber optic cables make the task with varied sets of functionalities. Fiber optic ones are some of the best swimming pool lights that are there.
  3. Pool Light Bulbs – Pool light bulbs come in at various shapes and sizes. Some can be installed above the water, inground and some of the underwater levels as well. Some of the best-LED party lights come under this category. These are light in weight, and also resistant to water on many counts.
  4. Solar Pool Lights – There are categories consisting of solar pool ball lights and the like that basically function using the solar panels that are installed in the inner workings of the light. It gives you the optimum amount of backup after the sun goes down, and lets you enjoy a great evening. They can also be some of the best above ground pool lights.
  5. Floating Pool Lights – Floating pool lights are basically light bulbs that can just be put on the pool, and they do not submerge inside at all. They can be classified in the category of waterproof pool lights since they are designed that way.
  6. Underwater Pool Lights – The underwater pool light is a great new concept, and it works wonders when you want a party environment for your people at home and for your friends. You can get multi-colored ones that glow underwater, and it perfectly functions as a swimming pool lights for you.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Pool Lights

Some of the many points that you need to be considered when buying the pool lights are as follows,

  • Ease of installation – Pool Party Lights and other variants of them are very easy to install without much of a problem. Since they are light-weight and are not much cumbersome to move around, so it works well. The mechanism required for them is pretty simple which can be seen in the case of electric light balls and other variants.
  • Bright Units – Also while buying the preferable pool lights, you must also take note of the number of bright units. How much brightness can they actually give you whilst underwater, or on the water? Some of the swimming pool floating lights need to be checked for the number of bright units.
  • Many Features – Other features like its battery backup capacity, whether it stores up power during the day when it comes to outdoor pool lighting. Another feature that needs to be considered is whether it is waterproof or not, and whether it is long-lasting or not.
  • Very Efficient – Pool lights need to be efficient in terms of its quality. Any less and it would not last long. Some of the variants like the LED Floating Pool Lights need to checked in for its efficiency when you are buying them. A proper feature check needs to be done on this count.
  • Product Life – The optimum life of the product also matters when you are buying it. It should not go off within one night’s usage, otherwise, you would have lost a lot of money. Especially the product life of some of the in-ground pool lights must be checked thoroughly.
  • Warranty – The final step while checking the product would be the warranty factor. You should check in at some of the best-LED pool light reviews and ask the vendor for its total warranty along with the card containing its details. This would help you out in the future when anything unsuspecting happens which might be covered in the warranty document.

Benefits of Best LED Pool Lights

Some of the listed benefits provided by Best LED Pool Lights are as given below,

  1. Eco-friendly –Pool lights LEDs are basically very much eco-friendly since they do not contain any UV rays or other harmful elements. Essentially because they are cold sources of light and not incandescent which also consumes a lot of power. LED light variants like floating lights for the pool to emanate little to no heat at all.
  2. Longer life – Some of the swimming pool LED lighting and other variants last much longer than conventional pool lights. The reason being that there are no filaments inside of it, it contains a semiconductor material which will last for over 50,000 hours traditionally. This means it saves up enough as compared to a halogen lamp or a CFL bulb as well. Some of the LED inground pool lights tend to have a shorter life span, which is why you should get that specification check when you are buying these.
  3. Saves up electricity costs – Since many of the underwater light for pools use less power, your electricity costs would be less as well. The popularity for them is so high that the demand for them has shot up sky high.
  4. Color varieties – Some of the best underwater LED lights to come in with multiple color varieties since they look very artistic and you can enjoy a cozier environment around you and your loved ones.

FAQs about LED Pool Lights

Some of the common FAQs in reference to LED pool lights are as given below,

  1. How are LEDs compared to conventional light bulbs?

The Energy Star ratings have come up to this conclusion that LED Pool Lights are much more efficient and last much longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lights.

  1. What are the colors available in the LED Pool lights?

LED lights and multiple other options like the portable underwater pool lights are available in multiple color variants. Regular lights would be available in white, but other colors are also available.

  1. Would these LED Pool lights work perfectly on Cold Weathers?

If you are living in hilly areas where the temperatures plummet every single day, LED pool lights would be preferable only at a certain temperature level. They can withstand temperatures of up to -20°C, which is acceptably fine. They can withstand the extreme heat of up to 185°C.

  1. How many years do the LED Pool Lights last?

Conventionally, they operate fine if they are used for a few hours every day. But on average, they can function well at about 11,000+ hours, which is more than the average functionality of a tube-light, or a halogen.


Pool Lights are definitely advantageous against many of the conventional sources of light that have come before them. With its many sets of advantages and features, it can be used over and over again for extended periods of time. This guide gives you a very detailed and comprehensive overview of what to select, and what not to when you are going to buy one.

These points would prove beneficial for customers in the long run since there could be mistakes that you might commit initially. The reviews given on multiple products would also help you get a better understanding of what you can expect.