5 Best Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews 2021 & Ultimate Guide

Swimming pools are good ways of entertainment with family. When heat scorches the skin, we think of swimming to relax the body and mind. But, the pools also become dirty due to dust and pollutants. These pollutants make the water unfit for bathing and can also cause various skin diseases if not cleaned. It is necessary to choose the best automatic pool skimmer to remove the leaves, dust, oil and other pollutants from the water. There are many pool skimmers these days you will get in the market and online stores. To select the best pool surface skimmers, you should read below:

Best Pool Skimmer

Top-rated Automatic Pool Skimmers – Comparison Chart

Aquamoto Skimbot Pool Cleaner(Top Pick)

Solar-Breeze NX2 robotic solar pool cleaner
8.58 pounds3.8/5
PoolSkim(Best for the Money)

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner
4 pounds4.6/5
Dunnrite Hydro-NetDunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer10 pounds3.2/5
ProTuff PoolProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake1.15 pounds4.8/5
Stargoods PoolStargoods Pool Skimmer Net10.6 ounces4.4/5

5 Best Pool Skimmers On The Market in 2021

1. Aquamoto Skimbot 2021 Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner

This Solar pool skimmer that filters the water completely. It uses solar energy to clean the swimming pools. It collects all the dirt particles from the pools and also stops them to go at the bottom. Many customers ordered this best solar pool skimmer and got positive results. They got their swimming pools clean after using this pool skimmer. It has powerful solar panels that turn the sunlight into electric power and with that skimmer runs in the swimming pools. This electric skimmer cleans the pools within 2 to 3 hours and also purifies the water and makes it fit for swimming. The main feature is Bluetooth enabled robot with Proprietary iOS app and Android app for remote operation and automation schedules

Customers’ feedback


  • This solar pool skimmer cuts down electricity bills.
  • There is no need to put force to gather debris.
  • It cleans every corner of the pools.


  • The front paddle wheel does not turn well in swimming pools after some months.
  • It does not clean the small-sized swimming pools.
  • It is costlier than annual and automatic pool skimmers.

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2. Poolskim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

Poolskim pool skimmer and pool cleaner are one of the best pool skimmers you can buy for any kind of swimming pool. It is lightweight and operates smoothly on the water. It contains a 1&1/2 inch outflow return jet so that water does not spread outside the swimming pools. It has the ability to make adjustments according to the level of water in the pools. This electric pool skimmer will reduce the cleaning process of swimming pools and save your time. This Poolskim automatic pool surface skimmer has won the award for its amazing design. You can get this automatic pool skimmer reviews and then order.

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool CleanerCustomers’ feedback


  • It removes every type of debris from the swimming pools.
  • This automatic floating pool skimmer includes a good quality nylon net for collecting all the dirt.
  • It is durable and works in every kind of swimming pools.


  • The installation is quite difficult.
  • If the parts stop working, new parts are very costly.
  • It is an expensive product and has a heavyweight.

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3. Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

This is an automatic pool skimmer floating which comes with a powerful battery and a charger. It works on ponds, pools and even in bathtubs. You can easily collect all the leaf while sitting on your swimming pool lounge chair and can control via the remote control. It can reach up to a range of 100-feet. This is wonderful automatic leaf skimmer can gather all the insects, dust, pollutants, leaves of any size, twigs, and sticks from the pools thereby making them clean. The battery can run for more than 5 hours if you charge it once in the day. It will save you time and energy and make your pool spic and span. All the above features make it the best battery pool skimmer.

Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool SkimmerCustomers’ feedback


  • This pool surface cleaner skimmer will up to 100 feet with the help of the RC controller.
  • The long-lasting battery will give better performance.
  • It collects all types of debris effectively.


  • The motors of the pool skimmer fail to work sometimes in the pools.
  • While cleaning the pools, the water can get into the battery area.
  • It stops working after several weeks.

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4. ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

This is a pool surface vacuum skimmer that comes with a good quality aluminum alloy frame. This frame does not bend while cleaning the swimming pools. It also has a stable handle which eases your task to collect the debris from the pools. It is durable and can deeply reach to the bottom of the pools to clean them fully. The nylon bag is of good quality and does not deteriorate even after many months of using this pool skimmer.  It is one of the best pool skim cleaners you can use for your pools.

ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer RakeCustomers’ feedback



  • The bag is small in size to collect all the dirt particles from the pools.
  • It is a very expensive product.
  • It does not go deep in the pools sometimes.

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5. Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net

This is one of the best pool floating skimmers for above ground pools. It includes a strong frame that will increase the durability of the pool skimmer. It comes with a good quality mesh net which will just pick the large-sized leaves and other particles in a better manner. You can place this inline pool skimmer on any pole for smooth operation. It can work perfectly in both small and large-sized pools and does not get heavy even if it is put into the pools. It requires minimum efforts to clean the pools.

Customers’ feedback


  • It is a time-saving tool for ponds and swimming pools.
  • It can work in both inground and above pools.
  • This surface skimmer pool also saves electric power.


  • Sometimes, the parts break down due to excessive use of the pool skimmer.
  • It is very bulky.
  • The new cannot resist more debris and tears sometimes.

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Types of Pool Skimmers

1. Above Ground Pools Skimmers

This is basically a pool surface cleaner which stops the debris to reach the bottom of the pools. These skimmers contain big sized basket to collect all the dirt and pollutants. They also have hose adapters, weir, and cover and skim vac. They are durable and simple to install.

2. Inground Pools Skimmers

An automatic pool surface skimmer will work well to pick up large debris that settles on the floors of the swimming pools. Inground Pools Skimmers have a large basket for collecting debris and dirt. They are fit to use in various types of swimming pools. It runs on a swivel hose connector.

3. Manual Pool Skimmers

A manual skimmer is the small pool skimmer used to collect the leaves, twigs, and pollutants from the water by hand. It does not have an automatic operation and hose connector. You have to exert a force on the handles of the manual skimmers to collect all the dust particles in the net with hands.

4. Best Automatic Pool Skimmers

An automatic skimmer runs on a hose connector. It works along with the filter pump for cleaning the surface of the pool. It comes with a set of brackets that you mount on the sides of the pools while cleaning. It is a highly effective tool to prevent the dirt from going to the end of the swimming pools.

5. Best Solar Pool Skimmers

Solar pool skimmer floats on the surface of the swimming pools. It runs on sunlight. There are solar panels inside this solar pool skimmer that convert sunlight into electric power. Solar skimmers do not need any electric connections and purify the water completely by removing all the dust particles and pollutants. The solar pool skimmer reviews are generally positive.

How Do Pool Skimmers Work?

The working of pool surface skimmer is very easy to understand. The pool skimmer basically pulls the water from the surface of the swimming pools. It then removes all the dirt particles from the water such as twigs, sticks, pollutants, mud, leaves, and oil. Pool skimmers have baskets to collect all the dirt of the water. There is a pipe situated under the basket of the skimmer that gives the force to pull the water when you switch on the pool pump. The pool skimmers do not allow these particles to go down on the floors of the swimming pools.

Important Features of the Best Pool Skimmers

  • Manufacturer or Brand

Before choosing a surface pool skimmer, you should know about the topmost brands in the market. One of the biggest advantages of selecting a good manufacturer or brand is that you will get the best quality of products. PoolSkim and Hayward are some of the best brands selling superior quality automatic pool skimmers. A Poolskim pool skimmer is a nice choice for any pool.

  • Mode of operation

The skimmers for pools can be operated manually, automatically and by sunlight. In manual skimmers, one has to pull the water of the swimming pools and gather dirt particles on the net. Automatic pool surface skimmers run on electricity. In solar pool skimmers, there are solar panels which convert solar heat into electric current.

  • Durability

Durability depends on the brand you select while selecting a swimming pool surface skimmer. The solar skimmers are more durable than automatic and manual pool skimmers. This is because solar skimmers work on solar energy which gives them long-lasting effects. Automatic and manual skimmers may spoil within some months if there is a high amount of debris.

  • Cost of the Pool Skimmers

Solar skimmers are costlier than manual and automatic pool skimmers. Automatic skimmers and manual skimmers cost between $30 -$40 whereas solar pool skimmers cost above $60. To choose the topwater pool skimmer, you should read the reviews of the customers who used the products already and the brand too.

  • Ease of installation

In terms of installation, the auto pool skimmer is better than manual or solar skimmers. The auto skimmer comes with brackets that you can easily put on the sides of the pools and it will collect all the dust particles from the water without allowing them to go down on the floors.

  • Skimmers Compatibility and Features

While selecting the pool skimmer cleaner, you should stress on the extension parts. They should be placed in a proper position on the sides of the swimming pools. The brackets of the skimmers should be of good quality so that they do not fall in the water while cleaning the pool.

Benefits of Automatic Pool Skimmers

  • They collect debris such as leaves, twigs, sticks, dust, mud, and other impurities from the water.
  • Pool top skimmer filters the water and makes it free from chlorine and other impurities.
  • By using pool skimmer, the water of the swimming pools becomes pure for bathing.
  • The automatic skimmer for the pool will prevent the debris from settling at the base of the swimming pools.
  • One of the major benefits of swimming pool surface skimmers is that they remove the bacteria and virus which make the water and impure and prevent the waterborne diseases and allergies too.

FAQs about Pool skimmers

Q1: Does pool leaf skimmer automatic work in all types of swimming pools?

Answer: Yes, motorized pool skimmer works in all types of swimming pools such as round, square or rectangular.

Q2: Do floating surface pool skimmers contain hose adaptor?

Answer: Yes, the automatic pool skimmer comes with a hose adaptor which simplifies the process of cleaning of swimming pools.

Q3: What is the size of a basket of robotic pool surface skimmer?

Answer: The size of the basket of the floating skimmer for the inground pool is normally 6 inches or more than that. Another size is 6.25’’ wide which can collect all the particles properly.

Final Verdict

There are 3 types of pool skimmers and while choosing them, you should first go for a leading brand. Secondly, one should also see the automatic pool skimmer net, brackets hose adapter other pool accessories durability. The next important factor to consider is the price of the automatic pool skimmer cleaner. Many customers believe that a high priced pool surface skimmer automatic is better than the one with lower prices. But, it is not so as you should first read automatic pool cleaners reviews and then decide the best product. Reviews of customers will help you in finding the right product.