Don’t Forget Top 10 Safety Items While Going For Canoeing Or Kayaks


Safety in water should be one of the major priorities of the paddlers for canoes as well as kayaks. It does not depend on any type of paddling they are doing. Whatever time you are going for paddling, whether it’s a summer season or rainy season, it is very important to take care that you have all required accessories for canoeing or not.

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  1. Helmet

The type of helmet or hat depends upon the type of paddling you are going for. Approved helmets are used by the Whitewater paddlers. Rest of the paddlers can go for a hat having a brim. With the help of helmet, shielding will be provided from all the types of damaging effects like that of sunrays and also it will be protective at the time of chilled weather.

  1. Personal Flotation Device

This is one of the most important things that each paddler must take with him or her. PFD is known as a life jacket. Whether a person is an expert swimmer or an experienced kayaker or canoeist, it is very important to have the PFD as it saves you in case you are injured or not able to reach the shore.

  1. Appropriate footwear

Footwear should be wear according to the weather of the place. In case of cold weather paddling, neoprene socks come out to be the best. In warm conditions, you should go with the closed toe sandals.

  1. Water And Snack

It is very important that you take a full bottle of water with you. Due to the effect of sun or wind, the paddler might feel thirsty at any point in time. Hence, always sufficient water along with some snacks is very important while you go for paddling kayaks.

  1. Paddling Whistle

Paddling whistle plays a very important role while you are inside water. This is so because shouting from there is not a great choice. Hence, you should always have the whistle attached to your PFD so that you can use it immediately whenever you are in some trouble and not able to reach anybody.

  1. Dry Bag

A dry bag should always be fastened along with the boat of the paddler. This bag should contain things of basic requirement like the food, phone or some radio device, very importantly a first aid kit, dry shirt or t-shirt, a map to identify some places and last but not the least a towel. These things can be required by the paddler at any point in time.

  1. Rope Throw Bag

This is known as a rescue device which can be thrown towards the swimmer to pull him in case he is drowning. With the help of rope throw bag even a canoe can be pulled in case he or she has to be taken to the shore.

  1. First Aid Kit

First aid kit plays a very important role as it can be required anytime. You never know what type of risks can come anytime. If the paddler gets injured anytime or is feeling unconscious, the first aid kit proves out to be damn useful. Always keep it in the dry bag.

  1. Knife

If you are having a rope, the knife is also a must requirement. The paddling knives are designed in such a way that they can be easily clicked with the PFD.

  1. Sun Protection Accessories

To protect yourself from harmful effects of the sun, there are some essential things that you must have the sunglasses and sunscreen, etc. lip barm is also an important necessity while you are going in canoe.

So, if you are going for paddling, don’t forget these things because it is always said that prevention is better than cure.

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