Cloudy Pool After Shocking and How to Fix it


When the water of your swimming pool is not clear and looks like milky water, that means it is a cloudy pool. Cloudy or milky swimming pool water is caused by seven different main issues these are given below:

Cloudy Pool After Shocking

7 Causes of Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

  • Balance free chlorine(FC) levels
  • Eliminate ammonia
  • Get rid of young algae
  • Monitor and balance pH and TA levels
  • Correct Calcium Hardness levels
  • Backwash filter or replace filtering agent
  • Remove foreign particles, scrub, and vacuum up the pool

The Reason Why Your Pool is Cloudy

The Reason Why Your Pool is Cloudy

  • Imbalanced Chemicals: An improper chemical balance when there is too much clean and ph scale is not well then your pool becomes a cloud.
  • Faulty filter: When the filtration is poor, then it might be chances of the cloudy pool.
  • Improper PH scale and chlorine level: The pH scale is not directly attached with cloudiness in the swimming pool, but it is responsible for chlorine, and other chemicals work in the water of your swimming pool. When PH is very high, it increases the calcium which is not dissolved in water properly that leads the problem of cloudy water in your swimming pool, and It occurs in both saltwater pool as well as the non-saltwater pool.

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

If the water of the pool looks cloudy and milky then you need to clear it. You can fix this problem by replacing the water of the swimming pool, but it leads to the wastage of water. You can also fix the problem of cloudy water by using some, methods that are helping to clear the water of your swimming pool. Following are some methods used to clear the pool water.

  1. How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water Caused by Low Free Chlorine:  Low chlorine level in the pool is caused by daily usage of pool, heavy rainfall, and many other reasons. The UV rays of sun falling on the pool also low the chlorine level, and that caused cloudy water. If you want to clear the cloudy pool water caused by low chlorine, you need to add some liquid chlorine in the water which maintains the level of chlorine.
  2. Monitor pH and Total Alkalinity: When the PH level in the pool is getting low then it affects the chlorine in the pool water, and if PH level in the pool becomes high then it also makes water looks dull. You need to make PH level in moderate. The range of alkalinity in the pool water lien in the required range between 80 ppm to 120 ppm, you should have to maintain this range if you want to make your pool clean and free from cloudy water.
  3. Clean the Pool Filtration and Circulation Systems: Tools used to clean the pool water like sand filter are also need the maintenance, and you should have to clean your tools. It the Pool filtration system is not clean then its working becomes slow, and it did not filter the water properly, that caused cloudy water in the pool. To fix this problem, you can clean the filtration tools, and if your tools are not working properly, then you need to replace.
  4. Remove Foreign Particles, Scrub, etc. from the Pool: When you use the pool regularly, and the sunlight is directly falling on the water of swimming pool, then it increases the possibility of low chloride in water. The behavior of an environment is another reason that is the cause of cloudy water. Foreign particles and algae are also caused by cloudiness in water. You can easily remove the foreign particles and algae from the pool with the help of sand filtering method.


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