10 Reasons for Combining Fishing from a Kayak and Travel Simultaneously


Kayak fishing has become increasingly more popular recently. Kayaks are not only cheaper; they are also very portable and easy to launch on water. In fact, these kayak features provide anglers access to waters where they would otherwise be unable to fish. Kayaks for fishing also offer better versatility and angling efficiency. If you’ve been considering fishing from a kayak while traveling, here are some of the reasons that make it a good choice.

Kayak Fishing

  • Affordability

Do you know that with a budget range of $1000 – $3000, you can get the best fishing kayak? Yes, fully-rigged kayaks are more budget-friendly than the regular fishing boats. Rather than purchase a boat, you can travel with a kayak and still enjoy your fishing hobby, all on a limited budget. Besides, while traveling and fishing from a kayak, you’ll spend less on insurance, maintenance, launch fees, and towing fuel. Basically, there is no storage fees, no oil fees, no boat registration, and no unnecessary repairs with a kayak. 

  • Kayak Launching

If you need to get somewhere quickly via water, then a fishing kayak is the better option. Once you take the kayak to shore, you’ll find a location to launch it. You don’t have to wait in a long queue at the public ramp before leaving the shore. 

  • Accessibility

Regular boats are restricted from certain water areas either by a “No Motor Zone” law or that the boat can’t simply wade through such shallow water. Imagine knowing the number of fish you can get while looking at a waterbody, but you’re unable to do so because the water body is off-limits to boats. 

This is a huge plus for kayak boats. You can place your kayak in any waterbody with shoreline access. Even more exciting, you can get your kayak through or into extremely skinny water bodies without the fear of damaging a bow mount.

Kayak boat

  • Silence

Fishing kayaks do not make a rumbling noise while on water. The quietness of a kayak creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere. So, while you travel on a fishing kayak, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. You can also indulge in your fishing hobby. 

You are more likely to catch more fish when you travel via a kayak. Fish swarm to places that are quite as they expect no humans there. Anglers can catch as many fish as they desire while on a kayak because the fish will never hear them coming. 

  • Versatility

Kayaks enable anglers to fish and travel in a wide range of water bodies and catch different species. As you travel through sloughs and backwaters, you can catch large-mouthed bass lurks. With that same kayak, you can move through small, fast, slow, lakes or rivers to catch panfish, pike, walleye, striped bass, muskie, and other species. The stability and wideness of fishing kayaks enable travelers to stand in it. This way, you can stand to see-through deep grass and cast your fishing rod for crappie and bluegills.  

  • Convenience

It is very easy to transport a kayak to and fro the water. With a small sedan, you can carry two adult kayaks. You can transport a hard-shelled kayak to water by simply roping it to the top of your vehicle. With an inflatable kayak, such as the Hobie fishing kayak, you only need to fold it inside your vehicle. 

The portability of a kayak also means that there is no stress attached to storage. You can dry, deflate, and store an inflatable kayak in your closet. You can cover a hard-shelled kayak and leave it outside, or suspend it inside your garage.

Sport man is kayaking

  • Easy Travel

Once you are proficient at paddling and fishing in a kayak, a new world of travel adventures opens up. Irrespective of your location, once you get access to a kayak, you can go anywhere. You can paddle new areas and catch salt and freshwater fish. 

  • Angling Skills

Also, you can enhance your angling skills while you travel and fish on a kayak. With a kayak, there is no limited mobility, and so you can learn how to maneuver your way around water while you fish. As kayaks do not allow you to carry much load, you can learn to fish efficiently using whatever you have at hand.

  • Fast Travel

Kayaks paddle more efficiently than canoes, you can travel a long distance with a kayak, and it can handle all kinds of weather situations. 

  • Fitness

Get a break from biking, walking, and running. Traveling and fishing on a kayak is an incredible way to incorporate your workout sessions into your fishing hobby.

Lonely Kayaking

Travelling and kayaking is so much fun. You get to save your money, learn angling skills, enjoy nature, and even incorporate workout sessions when you do both simultaneously. Just put on your top fishing waders, take your kayak out to the water, and fish. 

Feel free to share your experience of simultaneous traveling and kayak fishing here. 

Author Bio

Kevin Nelson is an American author with vast experience in kayaking and fishing. He is an outdoor enthusiast who delights in helping people get the best fishing experience. He also reviews some products when he gets an opportunity.