Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review


Every year, Dolphin manufactures a new model of pool cleaner with the latest features. It has now come with Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaner which has Bluetooth and PowerStream technology. You can connect this pool cleaner with Android smartphones. It has powerful cleaning technology which can clean even the toughest spots in the swimming pools. The dual scrubbing brushes give a complete cleaning of the pools by removing the dirt from the remote corners. It comes with a big sized filter which can collect the debris and leaves too. It is a lightweight pool cleaner with a new design.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner


This best robotic pool cleaner has very thin but good quality filters bags for the collection of debris, mud, and leaves from the pool. They can even remove the algae, medium-sized leaves and sand from the water thereby filtering it completing. The weight of the product is 16.5 pounds.


  • It has an excellent grip to clean all the corners properly.
  • Large sized filter bags
  • It comes with a Remote Controllable feature for effective cleaning for the pools.


  • It does not clean the whole swimming pool and may leave some part unclean.
  • It does not clean the steps.
  • It becomes tough to remove it from water if it gets stuck on the walls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Does this robotic pool cleaner work on 220 volts?

Ans: No, the pool cleaner works only on 110 volts.

Q2: Is there the problem of cord tangling in the middle of the cleaning process?

Ans: No, the cord does not get tangled in the middle of the cleaning process in spite of its length.

Q3: Is there a caddy included in the pack of Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Ans: No, it does not have a caddy.

Q4: Does it work in the case of round pools?

Ans: Yes, this pool cleaner effectively cleans round swimming pools.

What Do The Users Say?

The customers who used Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner got good results within just a few weeks. Many of them liked the Bluetooth feature, and they said that with that, the dirt could be easily caught from each corner of the pool. Many customers also said that it could clean even the walls of the pools. The time-saving point is beneficial for many working ladies. But, there are also some faults as told by few customers. The filter bags are not good enough to collect the big leaves and nuts from the pools. It does not work in shallow parts.

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We have discussed both the good and bad points of this pool cleaner. With Bluetooth, ultra-fine filter bags and great scrubbing brushes, this product should be given a try. It can cover both the walls and floors of any swimming pools. However, it may get stuck sometime, but this problem can be fixed soon. Overall, the product is good, and you can use it for any pool. Moreover, it is also reasonable in price and can work better than other ordinary products in the market.