How to Get Into a Kayak?- 5 Steps You Must Follow


Are you planning to have an adventure in the water? Well, a boat or a kayak will be the best option for you. Getting into a boat is quite straightforward but getting into a kayak is a little bit tricky. But nothing to worry at all! As we are here with the right techniques. Go through our experts’ guide on “How to enter a kayak” and be a potential kayaker!

It’s a real embarrassment when you can’t get into a kayak like a professional one. So learn from us and reduce the probability of getting soaked even before you start. You need 30 seconds to board in and a little mix of practice and balance- that’s all, you will be ready to sail!

How To Enter A Kayak

How to Get Into a Kayak?- An Easy Guide!

We have mentioned five crucial steps here. Make sure you are following them one-by-one. Let’s cut to the chase and focus on how to enter a Kayak?

1. Choose The Right Place To Get into The Kayak

For a safe entering, you need to choose the right portion in the water body. Select a calm water surface with the least number of rocks and the water is of little depth.

2. Decide The Way You Want To Get into The Kayak

Depending on the nature of the Kayak you need to choose the right direction. If you have a white water kayak or a recreational kayak then, you must consider entering into it while you are on land. Then, push your way in the water body.

3. Place Your Kayak in The Water

Firstly, place your hand on the stern and slide the Kayak into the waterfront. You can keep your Kayak alongside the shore. And then stand beside it. Hold the Paddle with your hand and walk alongside the Kayak. Go up to the cockpit area.

4. Secure The Kayak And Get into It

Now, you need to secure the boat first and then get into it. Position the Paddle in perpendicular alignment with the boat and keep the closest hand on the Paddle and hold the cockpit rim with your fingers.

After that, place the leg close to the Kayak in and shift your weight over it while keeping the other leg on the ground. Now, steady yourself with your butt while gripping either side of the Paddle with your hand.

5. The Final Step

Finally, get in your left foot while maintaining the balance accurately. Now, slide into the Kayak and put on your Spray Skirt. Here you go! Finally, you are all set to launch.


Anyway Folks! Now you know the complete trick, it’s time to bring your Kayak out and set it off! For other know-how tricks on Kayaking and different adventure sports keep following our website. It’s time bid adieu now. I hope you will have the best experience while Kayaking.