How To Fix An Unlevel Pool Without Draining


The above ground pool makes your family chill in the mid-year heat. There are too many reasons that can make your above ground pool badly installed. One common issue if having creases in the liner. When one side of your pool is higher than the other side, then water could slide out of the pool. The walls of pools become weak, which may cause genuine damage. Thus, before installing the pool, you will need to make sure that the ground is level and compact. It is very difficult to make your pool level without draining it. We have some techniques that help you to fix an unlevel pool without draining it.

How To Fix An Unlevel Pool Without Draining

Steps To Step of Leveling Your Pool Without Draining

It is a very difficult job when your pool is badly installed. When all the sides of the pool are not lined, then it causes water could slide out from the pool, and it also makes the walls of the pool becomes weak. If you want to fix the problem of leveling in the pool without drainage it then you must follow the following steps.

1. Drain Your Pool

Draining is a process in which you need to empty your pool so that you can start fixing it. You should have to drain your pool with the help of a garden hose to a specific level because leveling a full pool is very difficult as compared to the half-filled pool.

2. Put On Your Gloves

Self-protection is one of the most important things which you should take care while fixing the unleveled pool. You need to wear gloves on you that protects your hand from any type of damage and provide a strong grip and also use some other protective apparatus.

3. Evacuate The Leveling Blocks

When you start to fix the problem of the pool where one wall of the pool is higher than another wall, and the level of the pool is not constant, then you can evacuate the blocks very carefully. You should have to remove all the leveling blocks with the help of instruments and other apparatus from under the pool on the lowest side of the uneven pool.

4. Pry The Wall Up

Pry up the wall is a method that used to make your pool at a level when the walls of your swimming pool are not at the same level and one wall is at a higher level, and another wall is at a lower level you need to pry up the lower walls. You should have to pry up the wall of the pool from bottom to the right level with the help of a shovel, with the help of shovel you can easily pry up the lower walls of your swimming pool.

5. Reinstall The Blocks

After using the method in which you pry up all the lower walls of the pool, you should have to install all the blocks that you can remove from under the pool.

6. Repeat The Process

All the methods we discussed above are very helpful to fix the problem to maintain the level of the pool. You can repeat all the process to fix all the lower sides of the pool, that helps to above your lower pool.

7. Pack Earth

In this step, you can pack the earth with the help of some tools and by adding soil. After you complete the process of fixing all the lower sides of the pool and your swimming pool is at the same level, then you can pack your earth by adding soil.

8. Refill The Pool

You can refill your pool with water. After performing all the process, you can refill your pool an enjoy your day.

Warning: Some peoples are trying to lower the upper part of the pool to fix the problem. It is very complicated as compared to the lower walls of the pool.