Leveling for Intex Pool: How Unlevel Can An Intex Pool Be?


It is very important to install an above ground pool carefully no matter which brand of pool you have. This statement is also current in case of Intex pool. As like all other pools Intex pools also need a flat surface to install, so that it keeps stable and assorted.

If an Intex pool is installed at the uneven place then you may face lots of problems like uneven water level, gliding walls and many more. This is the reason why your pool should never be installed on some unleveled place. In this article, we will figure out what kinds of problems as unleveled Intex pool will face.

Problem with walls of the pool

Top 3 Issues of Unlevel Intex Pool

Some of the most common and familiar issues are that people may experience unleveled water issues. Apart from that, the following are some problem you may face due to Unleveling of Intex pool.

  1. Problem with walls of the pool

If a part of the intakes pool is less than the individual part, the divider can be very large without block due to uneven weight. In fact, even uneven and sparse surfaces can put more pressure on more than one divider.

Your pool water will be abundant in relation to the scarcity in different parts of your pool. This sporadic weight can cause appropriation, diversion, and damage to uneven ponds.

This means that when there are consequences, there is a ton of property damage to you and the people around you. This applies to different types of pools, even pools with inflatable rings and strong sideboards.

Problem with water level

  1. Problem with water level

When your Intex pool is installed on an uneven ground level, even a single inch, it will definitely make the water uneven. There may be only one inch for a typical beginner, but it would become a huge problem after some time. Although after the passage of the months and years, your Intex pool will become settle and this gap will widen more and more.

The deeper part of the pool can be unsafe for young children who cannot reach the bottom of your pool and more often do not burden students. Also, if your pool uses a skimmer and the water does not flow evenly, it will not be cleaned properly.

For example, the skimmer may be in the shallow part of the bargain, meaning the water will be less clean.

  1. Damage to Pool Liner

If your Intex pool is installed on an uneven surface or ground, then the liner is more unlikely to stay perfectly, which causes wrinkles and creases. Can be filtered on your pool equipment without pulling which will tear or tear the liner.

Bad vacuums, for example, cannot clean a liner and destroy it after it is completed. When the liner of the Intex pool got damaged,  then your Intex pool will dilate.

Damage to Pool Liner

Why Intex Pool Leveling is important?

When introducing your Intex pool, pick a zone that is free of trees and around three feet from all structures. To guarantee that the region is well-leveled, utilize smaller side and beam a decent cushion over your pool.

On the off chance that you see your pool is unleveled when utilizing it, the most ideal path is to look for the administration of an expert to reinstall it for you. Keep in mind that discharging your pool can bring about different issues.


Now I guess you understand the importance of ground-level for installing Intex pool. Make sure that your Intex pool is on level ground. It shouldn’t be unlevel notwithstanding for a solitary inch on account of the reasons we have recorded previously.