Is it Safe to Swimming in Green Pool Water? | Safe Swimming


Just like a water body such as s pond or a lake, having a green pool basically indicates the presence of algae. An alga is basically a sea plant which can grow wherever there is a presence of moisture. When we talk about swimming in green pool water, one can say that we also swim in an algae ridden river or a lake, then why not a pool? Well, whatever happens, you should not swim in a green pool, especially if the pool contains algae. There are various reasons for that, some of them being mentioned below:-

Swimming in Green Pool Water

Is Green Pool Water Safe for Swimming or Not?

Water In The Swimming Pool Is Still Water, Not Running Water

Whenever we talk about swimming in a natural waste body which has a few algae, it is generally considered safe because the water in it is not still water, it is running water. What this actually means is that in rivers and other water bodies, the water is flowing all the time. Or never stops flowing. This is not the case in a pool. Flowing water keeps on renewing itself, and is generally considered clean. This thing doesn’t hold true for still water. Still, water isn’t because of contamination hazards.

Algae is a Breeding House For Bacteria

It must be remembered that algae are not a dangerous thing. It is not a bacteria or a microbe which might cause some disease to you or anyone who swims in it. But if your pool does not have enough chlorine, or enough FC level to wipe out the algae which are not breeding in itself, then there is a good chance that your swimming pool also lacks the FC level necessary for killing harmful bacteria and other microbes, which might be hazardous to your health and to everyone’s health who swims in that water.

You Are Not Aware of The Cause of Algae in Your Pool

There might be multiple causes of algae in someone’s swimming pool. Some of the most common causes are the presence of some metals such as copper, which are oxidizing agents. Thru might have fuelled the growth of algae in your swimming pool. Another common cause is the pool not having enough FC, meaning that there isn’t enough chlorine in the pool. The third most common cause of this issue is the presence of excessive pollen in the air, which makes the pool green. While pollen doesn’t cause any harm, the other two causes are quite dangerous. The presence of any metal object in the swimming pool might make it unfit for swimming as someone might hurt themselves with the metal, and having less FC level might make the pool bacteria prone. So it is advised to not swim in a green pool.

Accidents Might Happen Near The Pool

Many of you people might be aware of the fact that algae can also grow not only in water but also on moist surfaces. This also means that if there are algae in the pool, there might be some algae present on the floor near the pool too. This alga makes the whole place quite an accident-prone place. If you step on the algae, you will see that it is extremely slippery. If there are children near you, you might find them running around and playing beside the pool. They might hurt themselves badly if any one of them slips on that algae.

Algae Might Be Toxic

Algae which are toxic is called cyanobacteria. Whenever that is the case, the pool which contains this alga in its waters is not safe for swimming. The cyanotoxins in the water, if accidentally drunk or in contact with might affect your liver, your skin, your nervous system. It might even also accelerate the growth of tumors in your body. This is why it must be forbidden to swim in algae ridden green pool.


Whenever there are algae in your pool, you must remember that swimming in that pool is not safe. Rather than looking for ways to swim, you must look to remove the greenery of your swimming pool so that it becomes safe to swim in that pool again.