10 Best Places In The World For Rafting


Rafting is a very exciting and spontaneous activity which makes you feel fresh. If you love river rafting, the following are some of the best places in the world which you choose for fun and adventure.


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  1. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Alsek and Tatshenshini rivers are awesome rafting places. You can enjoy watching wonderful glaciers, icebergs, and numerous species while rafting.
  2. Magpie River is situated in Canada where you can go by seaplane and experience amazing nature and greenery all around. You will be lost in the elegance of this place.
  3. Give a boost to your passion for river rafting in Middle Fork which is situated in Salmon River, USA. This river has white clear waters which will drive you crazy lightweight tandem kayak.
  4. The next on the list is Upano River where you can enjoy rafting in midst of beautiful canyons and waterfalls. You can never forget the nature of this place. The green trees and the white pebbles surrounding this river add to the beauty more.
  5. Enjoy river rafting in the pure blue waters of Futaleufu River situated in Chile. If you want to learn rafting, this place is perfect for you. You can enjoy the cold weather because of the snow-covered
  6. Discover a new level of rafting in North Johnstone River situated in Australia. It is encircled by volcanic mountains, tropical forests, and scenic beauty. You have to take a helicopter trip to start rafting here.
  7. For the beginners who want to learn excellent river rafting, Sun Kosi River in Nepal is an ideal spot. It has red mountains and canyons all around which give you a pleasant atmosphere while rafting.
  8. Spend the golden moments of river rafting with your best buddies in Coruh River situated in Turkey. The river has clear waters which will give you a thrilling experience of rafting.
  9. The next on the list is Rio Noce River in Italy. It has a mesmerizing nature with calm and cool waters which will make your experience of river rafting a memorable one.
  10.  Zambezi River is one of the most beautiful spots situated in Zimbabwe. It has greenery in the surroundings with low mountains covered with trees.