What Types of Glass Are Used in Shower Doors?


A bathroom is that part of the house where you can relax with complete privacy. This makes it utterly important to have a bathroom that is pleasing to the eye and calming to the mind. A crowded, haphazard bathroom will simply be a challenge to the look.

Different techniques, styles, and designs are used to glam up the bathroom to make it look more spacious, organized, and sophisticated. Using Sliding shower doors by FGM is one such style to revamp your bathroom look.

choosing the right glass

However, choosing the right glass shower door can be overwhelming and you may not be able to decide on a particular door.

We have made your task simpler for you by compiling the factors that you need to consider when looking for glass shower doors.

Let’s walk through them.

Things to Consider When Deciding to Use Glass in Shower Doors

When choosing glass

  1. Safety

A glass shower door may put you into thought about the consequences of accidental glass breakage. Therefore, when choosing your glass, the first thing that you must consider is the safety of the glass door.

Among the different kinds of glasses, tempered glass goes through repetitive heating and cooling to build the internal strength of the glass. As compared to annealed glass, the tempered glass breaks into small pellets instead of large and sharp shards.

These tiny bits of glasses cause much less harm or injury as compared to sharp shards. Therefore, tempered glass is preferred for glass shower doors. The construction standard also states the use of tempered glass for these doors.

  1. Space

You need to consider the spaciousness of your bathroom before deciding to install a shower glass enclosure. Although it gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom, installing an enclosed shower area has a significant footprint. Therefore, you must thoroughly evaluate the bathroom dimensions and other bathroom fixtures before making the decision.

This factor must be taken into consideration if you just want to make slight renovations to the bathroom. Relocating several bathroom fixtures just to install this shower area is not a feasible option.

Always consult some glass shower door companies and experts for the design and type of glass door that will best suit your needs and budget.

  1. Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a glass shower door can be a hectic task, if not chosen wisely. Invest in a quality glass because it will save you a lot of money which otherwise will be spent in maintaining the glass.

If you prefer easy cleaning, then textured glass should be your choice because it is much easier to clean as compared to clear glass. A much better option, if your budget allows, is using treated glass which is far easier to clean.

  1. Type of glass

There are numerous varieties of glass Shower doors available like clear glass or slightly etched or marked, frosted, painted, textured, or with some unique pattern or design. It all depends on your requirement or your choice. If you do not want privacy you can go for clear glass easily but if you want some privacy, then you can go for other options.

The thickness of the glass can also vary and it totally depends on your budget and the level of safety you require. You can find varying glass thickness including the normally available thickness of 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch or 3/8 inch. It is always better to consult an expert before choosing any glass.

Types of glass used in shower doors?

There are numerous varieties of glass shower doors and the selection depends on your sense of style, budget, feasibility, and your requirement.

Here are some of the different types of glass shower doors you can use for your bathroom.

  1. Clear Glass (Budget-Friendly)

Clear Glass

This is the most common and frequently used type of glass door for shower enclosures. This type of glass looks elegant and is quite pocket-friendly. It also brings elegance and sophistication to the bathroom’s interior. It helps to make a small space look more spacious and appealing. It is generally tempered and very durable.

  1. Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass

This glass is also known as HD glass or ultra-clear glass. As the name specifies, low iron glass has low iron content on it as compared to regular glass, making it much clearer and transparent. In fact, it is almost invisible and has no color shade. It allows the light to pass without causing any color effect and thus is used to show off the beautiful shower used.

  1. Rain Glass

Rain Glass

It is a type of textured glass in which there is a texture only on one side of the glass. The design of this glass runs along the length of the glass, giving the effect of rain.

  1. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

This is a unique textured glass. Frosted glass is usually used to have some privacy because seeing through this glass is almost not possible in comparison to clear glass.

Frosted glass is usually preferred in the traditional style bathrooms where privacy is a concern. This type of glass is available in many different colors and styles.

  1. Bronze Glass

Bronze Glass

This is one of the colors available in tinted glass shower doors. The glass has a slight copper touch to it and will complement copper sanitary items nicely. They are also perfect to be used with a warm, earthy or soft color bathroom scheme.

These tinted glass doors can be used to match the color scheme of your bathroom. It is used greatly because it provides adequate privacy. At the same time, it makes the bathroom look more spacious and elegant.

  1. Gray Glass

Gray Glass

This is another color variation of tinted glass. Grey glass helps the bathroom to get a smoky look. It complements the neutral color scheme and can be used to add intricacy in the bathroom décor. It also offers greater privacy as compared to the bronze glass as it is more opaque.

If you are looking to get a glass shower door for your bathroom, check the collection from Fab Glass and Mirror. The company offers all different variations of the glass shower doors and you can also demand a custom door based on your requirements.